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“The uniform is a steady reminder that you have pledged yourself to the same high ideals of living as have your brother Scouts and that, dressed as a Scout, you must act as a Scout. It challenges you to do those things that stamp you in the eyes of the world as a real Scout, and it keeps reminding you that you have promised to do your best." - from the Boy Scout Handbook, Sixth Edition, 1959

Scouts should wear their uniforms to every Troop 270 event,

unless otherwise instructed.

Class A+ or Field "Dress" Uniform

This is the full, most formal uniform, and is required for all formal, district, and council events such as Courts of Honor, Flag Ceremonies, Gathering of Eagles meetings and such events. It consists of the Class A uniform (defined below), along with a merit badge sash and any awards and medals that have been awarded. An OA sash cannot be worn along with a merit badge sash, and the merit badge sash shall be worn only over the shoulder and over the epaulet - never on the belt. OA sashes are to be worn only at Order of the Arrow functions.  Service at flag ceremonies and similar duty may require removing the merit badge sash so that it will not interfere with duties or to enforce greater uniformity between Scouts.

Class A or Field Uniform

This is the full uniform and is required for most troop meetings; travel to and from events, training sessions, etc. The full Class A uniform is required for Boards of Review (Class A+ or Field "Dress" Uniform is also acceptable for Boards of Review). This uniform consists of:

  • Scout shirt (long or short sleeve) with the correct insignia and badges in the correct positions
  • Scout pants or shorts
  • Scout belt (cloth, nylon or leather with a Scout buckle)
  • Scout socks (with shorts) or hiking/sports socks in non-formal settings
  • Troop neckerchief (see "Neckerchief" below)
  • Closed toe shoes (hiking boots, athletic shoes, dress shoes which should be neat and clean)

The class A or field uniform is the required uniform for regular Thursday meetings during the school year.

Troop 270 recognizes that young scouts are growing rapidly during their Scouting years and that the uniform is an expense that can become overwhelming.  The troop maintains a uniform exchange of outgrown uniforms that may help offset costs. Parents are encouraged to donate their scout's uniforms as they outgrow them in order to help other family's who can't afford them. Parents may also want to consider purchasing used uniforms from Goodwill. The online auction site eBay is also a good source of affordable used uniform items - see the category;

Collectibles > Historical Memorabilia > Fraternal Groups > Boy Scouts > Uniforms

Items of apparel, which are not considered to be in keeping with Scouting Spirit, are not appropriate.  Camouflage clothing of any type is not allowed by BSA regulations.

Troop 270 requires that Scouts wear their Class A uniform during car travel to and from outings (unless otherwise instructed) but allows relaxing some details. In particular, only the shirt is required - other trousers and shoes may be worn when appropriate. The Scoutmaster will inform scouts when this is in effect.

Class B or Activity Uniform (Troop 270 adaptation)

This is the more casual uniform and is required for informal events such as service projects, as a "fatigue" uniform on campouts, at summer camp at all times (except when a full uniform is required), working on Eagle Projects, etc.

Troop 270 Tee shirt, or-Red BSA polo shirt, or Other BSA / O.A Tee-shirts. BSA pants or shorts as indicated for Class A. In some cases (service projects) the Scoutmaster will indicate a "Work Class B" where jeans and a troop 270 t-shirt is appropriate.

If BSA shorts are worn, Scout socks are required (with exception for less formal situations).

The class B or activity uniform may in certain instances (at Scout Camporees or service projects, for example) be required to be consistent for the troop as a whole - this is referred to as "Troop Class B".  Most other times it is considered an individuals' choice - "Scout Class B." The key difference is that Troop Class B requires the Troop 270 T-shirt.

Special uniform Note.  At no time will T-shirts or other garb that advertises or depicts products, actions or events inconsistent with Scouting values be allowed. For example, a shirt advertising beer or cigarettes would be unacceptable. Once again, camouflage clothing of any type is not allowed by BSA regulations.


Caps are optional for all uniform wear. The only currently approved caps for Class A or Class A "Dress" are the BSA emblem cap or “Smokey the Bear” campaign style cap for Adult leaders. When a Scout is wearing a Class B uniform, BSA Hat/Cap should also be worn, or activity-appropriate headgear. Any non-BSA headgear is expected to be in keeping with the Scout code.

Wearing of headgear is inappropriate for most indoor situations, including troop meetings.


Troop 270 does not currently use a Scout neckerchief. Special neckerchiefs, such as commemorative or Eagle neckerchiefs, may be worn by individual Scouts but not while in class AA uniform formations.  Neckerchief slides must be official BSA, Scout commemorative, or of a Scouting nature. Non-official slides must be approved by adult leadership. Upon formal adoption by the troop (with concurrence of the Troop Committee) an alternative neckerchief may be worn.


Front of Shirt & Pockets

Right Pocket - from top downward;

  • Various patches (as shown above the pocket)
  • Temporary insignia (on pocket flap) give examples
  • Temporary patches worn on the pocket button

Left Pocket - from top downward;

  • World Crest is centered horizontally over the left pocket in mid-chest area
  • Service star(s) above the Religious knot
  • Religious knot, immediately above the pocket - may be worn centered on the pocket or to the far side, nearest the center of the shirt
  • Rank badge on pocket
  • Arrow of Light centered below pocket


Right Sleeve - From shoulder downward:

  • Green Epaulet (shoulder)
  • US Flag
  • Patrol Patch
  • National Honor Patrol Award, if applicable
  • Current Year's Quality Unit Patch
  • Musician patch (worn only if in band or drum corps)

Left Sleeve - From shoulder downward:

  • Green Epaulet
  • San Diego Imperial Council patch
  • Troop years of operation patch, if applicable
  • Troop Unit Numbers (270)
  • "Trained" patch (on flap of pocket on sleeve) - only if trained in the current position
  • Position within the Troop patch (on pocket on sleeve*)
  • Note: *For shirts without pockets, the "Trained" patch and the Troop position patch are reversed (see examples)



Merit Badge Sash

The Merit Badge sash is worn on formal occasions. The Sash is worn on the right shoulder, above the epaulet, crossing over the front of the uniform shirt to the left hip.

  • Merit badges are evenly placed in three columns on the front of the sash.  Once the front has been filled, additional badges may be added to the back of the sash.
  • In addition, up to six merit badges are allowed on the right sleeve of the long sleeved uniform shirt. These are applied in rows of two. Badges should begin 3" above the bottom sleeve edge. If scouts are wearing short-sleeved uniform shirts, no merit badges are worn on the sleeve.
merit badge sash

Shirts must have the proper insignia sewn on. You may also consult the Official Scout Insignia Guide for proper position of the insignia if there are any questions.  Additional badges of rank, badges of office and patrol insignia are available for purchase from the Advancement Committee person.

The Order of the Arrow Sash

The Order of the Arrow is a prestigious service organization within the framework of the BSA. For those Scouts who are members of the Order of the Arrow, the OA Sash represents special achievement for the Scout. The OA Sash may be worn as a part of the Official Uniform at any “formal” Order of the Arrow meeting or OA ceremony at the unit, district, council or National level. The OA Sash should be worn in accordance with guidelines of the Order of the Arrow.

Adult Uniforms

Adult leaders are expected to follow the same uniform standards (Class A, Class B, etc.) as the Scouts. Since adults may not wear merit badges, there is no distinction between Class A and Class AA for adults (except for earned medals and more scout knots).

Uniform Assistance

Please contact the Scoutmaster or Troop Committee Chairperson if the purchase of a uniform creates a financial hardship. Troop 270 maintains a uniform exchange supply, and may be able to provide other assistance as needed.  Please see the Adult Quartermaster for details.

Wearing the Uniform Appropriately

The Scout uniform has a long and honored history. Troop 270 encourages every Scout to wear their uniform proudly and correctly. It is a symbol that marks you as belonging to a select group of honorable youth. The uniform tells the world what the Scout believes in and what they live by. We strongly endorse the wearing of the uniform. Conscientious and proper display of the uniform is considered part of Scout Spirit, which is a prerequisite for rank advancement.

Only Scouts having a full Class A uniform will be permitted to represent the Troop in District or Council events that require Scouts or Color Guards. Representing the troop also means traveling to and from campouts (except for long-distance travel).

At Summer Camp, troops are "graded". Part of the criteria for achieving the Honor Troop award is proper uniform. This is judged by the troop wearing a complete Class A uniform for flag ceremonies, assemblies and dinner meals (when dining at mess hall style camps).

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