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Guy Gear & Buying Guide

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  1. How to Buy Snorkeling Gear for an Underwater Adventure

    Explore beneath the water's surface with this recommended snorkeling gear.
  2. How to Treat Your Water to Stay Healthy in the Backcountry

    Getting sick when you're camping stinks. Treating your water is one of the best ways to stay healthy.
  3. Protect Your Head With These Functional, Fashionable Hats

    Pick a hat that looks and feels good to you and is ideal for the conditions where you’ll wear it.
  4. How to Gear Up for Winter

    Stay warm and Be Prepared for camping in the cold.
  5. How to Buy a Good Pocketknife or Multitool

    Keep sharp in your Scouting endeavors with the right knife or multitool for the job.
  6. Tent or Tarp? How to Pick the Right Camping Shelter

    Whether you pick a tent or tarp, these shelters will guard you from the elements.
  7. How to Buy Good Sunglasses

    Sunglasses can look cool, but first they should protect your eyes.
  8. How to Safely Use a Life Jacket

    Life Jackets are designed to keep you safe. These personal flotation devices are essential equipment whenever you're on the water.
  9. Get Your Bicycle Ready and Grab This Gear to Go Bikepacking

    Bikepacking is a camping trip you take on your bike. Here's what you need to get started.
  10. How To Pick the Best Camp Chair for Any Outdoor Activity

    Here's how to find a comfy camp chair for whenever you need a rest.
  11. How to Buy a Great Headlamp or Flashlight

    The Gear Guy shines some light on which headlamp of flashlight to consider for your next outdoor adventure.
  12. Take a Look at These 7 Wacky Flashlights

    Check out our fun photos of weird and unusual headlamps and flashlights.
  13. How to Keep Your Head Warm in Cold Weather

    An uncovered head can leave you chilly, so it’s important to keep your noggin insulated in the winter.
  14. How to Buy the Right Tent for Your Next Adventure

    Here are features to look for so you can choose the right tent for your trip.
  15. How to Buy the Best Sleeping Bag

    A good sleeping bag can make the difference between comfort and a long, miserable night. Stay warm and comfy in one of these sleeping bags.
  16. How to Buy a Safe and Comfortable Helmet

    Picking (and wearing) the right helmet can be a life or death decision. Here's how to buy a safe and comfortable helmet.
  17. How to Buy a Good Camping Air Mat or Sleeping Pad

    Get a good night's sleep with the Gear Guy's recommendation for camping air mats and sleeping pads.
  18. How to Choose a Backcountry Communication Device

    No signal on your phone? Try a backcountry communication device.
  19. How to Buy Rock Climbing Gear

    Here's what you'll need to start exploring the vertical world of rock climbing.
  20. Stay Warm and Dry This Winter With These Gear Tips

    Staying warm requires the right combination of layers based on your body, wind speeds, temperature and how much you sweat.
  21. How to Buy Great Backpacking Gear on a Budget

    Try these simple tips to outfit yourself for your next trek without breaking the bank.
  22. 3 Proven Ways to Avoid Bug Bites in the Outdoors

    Don't bug me! Try these expert tricks and gear for avoiding biting insects.
  23. How To Buy a Great Hydration Pack For Water on the Go

    Hydration packs allow you to drink water while you're wearing the pack. Here are some factors to help you pick the right pack.
  24. How to Buy a Backpacking Stove For Your Next Camping Adventure

    Enjoy a hot meal on your next backpacking trip with one of these recommended stoves.
  25. How to Buy a Great Pair of Hiking Boots

    Good footwear is a vital piece of outdoor gear. Here are six great boots and hiking shoes that have you covered on any type of trail.
  26. How to Buy Good Gloves or Mittens for Winter Activities

    Whatever your outdoor activities, the choice of handwear matters a lot. Here are the Gear Guy's five recommendations.
  27. Extra-Cool Camping Gear to Make Your Outing More Fun

    Camping is already a fun way to spend a weekend, but with extra-cool gear on the trip, it can be really fun. Check out these 6 gadgets for your next outdoor adventure.
  28. Gear up Your Pup! Make Hiking With Your Dog Safer With These Gadgets

    Itching to take your pup on a hike? Then be sure to get the right dog gear.
  29. How to Buy a Great Daypack for Hiking

    Get the best daypack for your daylong adventures. Here's how to pick one.
  30. Stay Clean and Healthy in the Outdoors With These Hygiene Tips

    A Scout is clean, even in camp. Here are important tips to keep you healthy in the outdoors.
  31. How to Buy a Mess Kit and Camp Cooking Gear

    From stoves to cookware, these mess kits and cooking gear belong in your backpacking kitchen.
  32. Expert Tips and Picks for Comfortable Hammock Camping

    If you're going to try hammock camping, find out how to do it the right way with these essential tips and picks for the best gear.
  33. 7 Great Gadgets for Lighting Up Your Campsite

    Keep your campsite bright at night with these great camping lanterns and lighting devices.
  34. 6 Inventive Gadgets to Make Camping More Fun

    A little ingenuity and the right gadgets can add a great deal of comfort and convenience at camp.
  35. Expert Buying Tips to Help You Pick the Best Backpack

    The Gear Guy's backpack buying guide help you pick the perfect pack.
  36. How to Buy a Good Rain Jacket

    Get expert tips to help you buy a rain jacket that's sure to keep you dry and warm in any type of downpour.
  37. How to Make a DIY Wilderness Survival Kit

    This 2-pound do-it-yourself wilderness survival kit could save your life for at least three days in the wild.
  38. How to Buy an Action Camera

    Ready to record YouTube-worthy video on your outdoor adventure? Here's what you need to know to buy an action camera.
  39. Fuel Your Body With These 6 Nutritious and Delicious Trail Snacks

    What's the trick to having the energy to be active all day? Food! Keep strong all day long on the trail with these snacks.
  40. How to Buy the Right Backpacking Tent

    Tips for choosing a tent that will keep your backcountry nights comfortable.
  41. Bring Comfort to Your Campsite With This Great Gear

    Who says you always have to rough it? Here are 7 pieces of extra equipment to help you relax and have fun outdoors.
  42. How to Buy the Right Solar Charger

    The Gear Guy shares advice for buying a solar-charging device and rechargeable gear.
  43. Stand-Up Paddleboarding Buying Guide

    The Gear Guy gives you the lowdown on SUP, one of the world's fastest-growing outdoor sports.
  44. How to buy a skateboard

    Want to try skateboarding but don't know where to start? Never fear -- the Gear Guy has you covered with this skateboard buying guide.
  45. How to buy fishing gear

    The Gear Guy brings you some of the best new rods, reels and other fishing tackle.
  46. Count your steps to stay in shape with these devices

    Experts say that most boys should average 12,000 steps per day to stay healthy.
  47. How to Build Your Own First-Aid Kit

    What should you include in your first-aid kit? Be prepared with advice and checklists to help you get the best first-aid kit for your next adventure.
  48. 10 great cases and covers for your electronics

    Gear Guy reviews electronic armor designed to protect your smartphone, GPS unit, tablet or other electronic device.
  49. How to buy and use a trail camera

    A motion-triggered camera can capture photos of animals visiting your camp or backyard.
  50. How to Buy the Perfect Bike

    The Gear Guy gives you tips and tricks for buying your next bicycle -- plus six hot bike picks.
  51. 9 Great Prepackaged Trail Meals

    Gear Guy reviews nine meals that are lightweight, simple to prepare and surprisingly delicious.
  52. Sun protection buying guide

    Be prepared for those broiling summer days with these handy tips and hot gear.
  53. Running shoes buying guide

    Pro runner Alan Webb unveils the best strategy for shopping for running shoes.
  54. Binoculars buying guide

    binoc.jpgPick the right binoculars, and it’s a cinch to bring far things close. We’ll show you how.
  55. How to Pick the Best Socks for the Trail

    A good pair of socks is one of the best things a Scout can give his feet. Here's a guide to buying the best trail socks.
  56. Ski and snowboard buying guide

    snowboard-200x148Get ready to shred with these need-to-know basic buying tips for skis and snowboards.
  57. How to Buy the Best Compass or GPS Receiver

    The Gear Guy's advice for buying the right compass or GPS receiver.
  58. Snowboard and skiing gear buying guide

    From helmets to boots, the Gear Guy fills you in on everything you need to know to suit up and shred the slopes.
  59. Sports sandals and light hikers buying guide

    Sometimes hiking boots are overkill. Here's how to buy sports sandals and light hikers.
  60. Mountain bike buying guide

    Ride On! Choosing the right mountain bike is fun and easy.
  61. Wristwatch buying guide

    watch-200×148.jpgAdventure racer Travis Macy gives you the keys for choosing a do-it-all wristwatch.
  62. Digital cameras buying guide

    Digital cameras make getting into photography easier than ever. Here’s how to choose your first — or next — camera.
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