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Scouting is Participation!

Scout Participation

When a youth joins Troop 270, they are expected to participate in as many Troop events as possible and to attend their Patrol meetings when called. Records are kept of their attendance. It is Troop policy that attendance is considered part of Scout Spirit, which means that attendance will affect advancement.  Each Scout will be a member of a Patrol. The Troop program is run by the Scouts for the benefit of all who wish to participate.  Participation makes it work!

Parent Participation and Responsibility

As a parent, you "join" the Troop when your youth joins. Your assistance is needed in making scouting a success. Scouts BSA has stringent guidelines regarding adult supervision and "two-deep leadership."  Most Scouting activities will be canceled if there are not at least 2 registered leaders over 21 years of age and another adult leader 18 and over.

A partial list of areas for parent participation include:

  • To complete the required application form for your youth (and yourself?) and turn them in as soon as possible.
  • Attend Courts of Honor, Parent meetings, Family camp outs, etc.
  • Volunteer to lead or actively participate as a key contributor in any of the following committees:
  • Camping and/or Summer Camp
  • Equipment
  • Advancement and/or Merit Badges
  • Training
  • Service Projects
  • Fundraising
  • Newsletter
  • Calendar
  • Webmaster
  • Volunteer to provide assistance with transportation to and from Troop 270 sponsored events.
  • Maintain an awareness of your youth's participation, progress and behavior within the troop.
  • Participate in a parent/Scout feedback meeting to be held annually with key Committee Members and/or the Scoutmaster.
  • Teach some skill at which you are an "expert" (Knots, First Aid, etc.)
  • Be aware of your youth's fundraising activities and encourage them to help support the Troop.

Parents should make it a point to attend each Court of Honor. Parents should have the calendar of events issued by Troop 270 (also published on the web site at www.troop270.com) so that they will know what events call for their attendance.  Parents are encouraged to attend regular meetings, to allow the Scouts to demonstrate the Scouting program in action and for the parent to be aware of their youth's level of participation and behavior within troop activities.

The Troop schedules activities that allow for family participation, and parents are welcome to come to any camping and hiking events to "observe".  Troop 270 strives to be strictly Scout run by The Patrol Method. Parents should keep in mind that they are visitors and they should not interrupt the Troop's tasks such as cooking, fire building, and other duty roster responsibilities. As each Patrol member shows respect for other Patrol members and campsites, parents are expected to do likewise. For example, you may not enter a Patrol campsite without specific permission from that Patrol and Scoutmaster.

Youth Protection Policy Note:

It is Troop 270 policy that all adults (over the age of 18) attending an overnight outing must have taken BSA Youth Protection Training. This training is offered online at http://my.scouting.org and it takes only about 90 minutes to complete. Youth Protection Training is valid for 2 years. The only exception to this requirement is that parents of visiting Webelos camping with the troop are encouraged but not required to have Youth Protection Training.


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