Our Meetings Are Held Thursday Nights at 7:00PM at the Thurmont Scouting, Inc. Building, 26 Elm Street

International Scouting LogoTroop 270 has a long legacy. While Troop 270 has only been around for a bit over 70 years, it's roots date back almost 90. From 1928 to 1932, Charles Eby led a group of 12 boys in an organization modeled after the Boy Scouts of America until in 1932, the boys, now under the leadership of Ross Smith, recruited the Thurmont Lions Club to sponsor a BSA Troop and Troop 11 was chartered. It is unclear what happened during World War II but we do know that the Francis Scott Key Council was absorbed by the National Capital Area Council during a National reconfiguration and in 1946 Troop 11 became Troop 270. Throughout the years however, the troop has continuously been sponsored by the Thurmont Lions Club.

Troop 270 is one of the most active Troops in the Frederick County area and has a program designed to keep any Scout with plenty to do! Some of these activities include, but by no means are limited to; Backpacking, Bicycle touring, Camping, Caving, Hiking, Mountain biking, Rafting, Rappelling, Rock climbing, Sailing, Scuba diving, Skiing and snowboarding.These are just a few of the things that Troop 270 does!

The Troop meets Thursday evenings at the Thurmont Scouting, Inc. Building at 26 Elm Street in Thurmont. Meeting times are 6:45pm to 7:00pm for pre-opening activities and 7:00pm until 8:30pm for the regular meeting. Pre-opening activities include skill tests, equipment checks and turn-in, chit-chat and other non-meeting functions. In addition to Troop meetings, there is at least one monthly activity, which is generally Friday night through Sunday afternoon.

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